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We are a UK based turbocharger repair facility located in Essex just by Stanstead airport. We specialise in the remanufacture of used turbochargers which have worn out or a component has been damaged. We aim is to provide a cost effective alternative to buying new turbochargers , not only is it a lot cheaper but they comes with a 12 months parts & labour warranty just like a new one. A well remanufactured turbocharger is as good as a new unit, our replacement parts are sourced from OEM manufacturers and with new state of the art equipment we don’t have to worry about the quality of our turbos. We are not restricted to just car turbochargers but also repair turbochargers for High performance cars , Diesel cars , 4x4’s ,Vans , Lorry’s , Generators & Heavy Industrial machines. We can repair just about any turbocharger that exists irrespective of its application. We offer a fast and friendly service, and we strive to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with all aspects of our work, from quotation stage through to delivering the end product. If you are interested in our rebuilding process please Click Here.

Quality Production

Free Quote

Call us free on 0800 619 1161 and we will arrange to pickup your turbo from anywhere in the UK next day , alternatively send us a email with your car registration number and contact details and we will send you a no obligation quotation to remanufacture your turbocharger. To receive a quotation please send email to

No hidden charges

Once we receive your turbo we will strip clean and assess it for damage, if your turbocharger has any damage to the housing or anything that is not part of a standard rebuild we will contact you to seek advice. We do not carry out any unauthorised repair that’s our price promise.

Quality Parts

As we give a 12 months parts & labour warranty with all our remanufactured turbochargers it does not pay to use cheap components sourced from the Far East, all our replacement parts are sourced from UK based OEM suppliers .

Professional equipment

Our remanufacturing facility is geared up to handle any kind of turbocharger and as such our equipment has to be A1 . All our equipment is brand new from the tools to do the job to the state of the art vibration rig to balance the turbochargers. “If a job’s worth doing then its worth doing it well “is our motto.

Fast Turnaround.

Once we receive your order we will dispatch your turbocharger the same day if we have not missed courier, however if we don’t have your turbocharger in stock then we will arrange for your turbo to be picked up the following day from anywhere you want (your garage , your home , your workplace) . Once we have received your turbo and assessed it we will remanufacture and get it back to you within a few days normally this process takes 4-5 days end to end.

Sending us your turbo

We just ask that it is drained of any oil and packed so it won’t get damaged in transit. We only want the turbocharger in its housing with the actuator and nothing else. If you send your turbocharger with the exhaust manifold we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused enroute and we may be unable to remanufacture your turbocharger if we feel that turbo cannot be removed from the exhaust manifold without causing damage to either part.

Product Bulletins

Turbochargers don’t normally pack up as they are a high precision part so when a turbocharger does go bad prematurely then there is often an underlying reason. This premature failure can be caused by any number of things and your mechanic should try to ascertain why it failed in the first place. There are turbochargers which have design faults from the manufacturer and are known to fail prematurely, to overcome this manufacturer’s design work arounds and issue product bulletins so the problem can be overcome.
When we receive turbochargers that fit this category we will always send out instructions for you or your mechanics to follow to ensure this problem is rectified if you do not carry out the extra changes required then there is every chance that your turbo will fail again.

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